TSV Foundry Now Fully Operational


Sunnyvale, California, 1 November, 2007;   ALLVIA, Inc. has announced that its Through Silicon Via (TSV) Foundry is fully operational and accepting customer orders.

ALLVIA celebrates 10 years of Through-Silicon Via (TSV)development and provides TSV foundry services to MEMS and Semiconductor industries meeting the demands of advanced vertical interconnects and System-in-Package (SiP) solutions. Through Silicon Vias provide the shortest electrical path between two sides of Silicon Die, allow miniaturization through 3D stacking, and support wafer level packaging (WLP) for RF and MEMS devices. With a full line of in-house processing equipment, Allvia offers services for prototyping as well as low volume production runs.


ALLVIA, Inc. offers a full lineup of wafer processing and Through-Silicon Via foundry services for customers seeking quick turn custom R&D applications. Time to market can be significantly decreased by utilizing ALLVIA’s Through-Silicon Via expertise.