Backside / Conformal TSV Services

Cross section of a Backside/Conformal Via showing the top connection with first layer IC metal (top of the image).
Backside via showing a solder ball and traces on top of the Via.

ALLVIA has in-house capability to design and fabricate complete Backside / Conformal Through Silicon Vias (TSVs).

Backside / Conformal TSVs are typically plated with a layer of copper which covers only the periphery of the vias. This is different than the typical Frontside via which is completely filled with plated copper.

Key Benefits

  • Vias can be processed after the wafer has completed all front-end processing
  • ideal for lower I/O ICs, MEMs, Image Sensors, and other "capped and covered" devices
  • Creates a shorter electrical path than wire bonds
  • Enables stacking onto an interposer or another device